Rubikcubism (Piece Only)

Cix is available to produce a commissioned piece.  You can chose your designs and various templates showing what the end piece will look like before the work is commissioned.


If you are looking to exhibit some Rubikcubism pieces, several are available, though most are sold.  Please enquire as to available pieces.


We are available for events worldwide.  Please contact us 2-3 months in advance for UK events and 6-8 months for worldwide events.



We are able to adapt to your event environment for performance space, and for UK events can bring our Rubik Cube Chairs as well as plenty of cubes for guests to play with and many cubes for children to take home.


we try to encourage guests to join in and often help them to produce on of the cubes that can be used in the piece.  Because of the time it takes to complete a piece, guests often do a cube and sign the back, later returning once the piece is completed to have photos taken with their contribution in place.


Next Steps...

If you would like to arrange a live event using Rubikcubism art and a live performance, or an exhibition please feel free to contact us.