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CIX is a contemporary artist who uses Rubik Cubes to make unique artwork.

Since 2008 he has been the front runner in evolving the new art movement of RuikCubism worldwide. 



CIX is happy to do commissions and will generate a template from a photo prior to commencing the work, enabling the client to see exactly what the completed artwork will look like before construction.

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Exhibitions and Displays

An interactive performance allows participants to join in and help to create the RubikCubism piece. Several laminated templates will be available for anyone who wishes to join in, so that they can produce one or more of the cubes within the piece. If the piece will take longer than the duration of the event to produce, then the piece will be part commenced prior to the event to ensure that it is completed during the event.


For many years CIX has been creating artwork for clients from all over the world. The artwork has been varied and diverse ranging from corporate logos for businesses to portraits of famous personalities or simply portraits of family or friends. CIX is flexible and is willing to work with clients in order to ensure that the design will fully meet the clients expectations.

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