Formula 1 Showcase Abu Dhabi

CIX was invited to join “The Art of Racing Galleria” exhibition at the Ghaf Gallery, Abu Dhabi in 2010. 

This was an exclusive showcase of high quality British interiors and equestrian design. The showcase included thirteen international artists who created art pieces inspired by Motosports and F1™ 1. The event, at the Ghaf Gallery, Is part of Yasalam Live Across the City, an entertainment programme constructed around the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

.CIX built five mosaics for the showcase, including at the time his most ambitious project ever. Using a total of 2,100 mini Rubik Cubes to construct the 2010 Ferrari F10 for the showcase. This at the time was CIX most ambitious project, taking over a month to complete this single piece for the collection. CIX also made portraits of famous Formula 1 drivers including Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.