Commissioned Exhibitions

We are happy to provide a commissioned exhibition like the supermodels which were created for the launch of a new Mall in Bahrain.

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Live events are the most exciting as it gives an oportunity for all the guests to get involved.  At the inaugural Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix spectators joined in over the 4 days even contributing to the pieces and were able to see all the pieces evolve before completion on race day.

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Personal Exhibits

Most of the earlier pieces were experimenting on iconic images and people, trying to create designs using different colour contrasts, hues and saturations.  The style evolved gradually before becoming more uniform for the F1 and Supermodels collections.

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Rubikcubism & Live Events

Rubikcubism is the art of making portraits and images using Rubik cubes.

Live Event pieces can be created interactively to enable your guests to join in.
One of the main benefits of an interactive performance, is that your gets can join in and participate in creating the RubikCubism piece. Several laminated templates will be available for any guest who wishes to join in, so that they can produce one or more of the cubes within the piece. They can then initial the back of the cube, and have photos taken of their achievements both during and at the completion of the piece. Furthermore, several full sized cubes will be available for guests to play around with.


Next Steps...

If you would like to arrange a live event using Rubikcubism art and a live performance, or an exhibition please feel free to contact us.